Today, water park is the best option to add value to owners' properties and theme park,hotels, public parks or resorts with acceptable cost.  Water parks have grown in popularity since their introduction in the late 1940s and early 1950s. According to the economic development, Recreational activities and places are increasingly needed by people, and water parks have emerged as one of the most popular leisure and entertainment methods.  Then, what equipment are the most popular device for water parks?  1 Colorful rainbow racing slide                                                                                                                2 Beautiful water castle for adults and kids with water spray  and fiberglass emboss. 3 Wave pool, to have fun with friends,enjoy the wave and beach without  going to the real sea.             4 Can a scale water park without tornado slide? No!! It is a symbol slide. Very                 popular among young people. Suggestions about water park management--to investors: 1 Advertising. Advertising is the first step in the operation of the park and is crucial. Each park will do a publicity plan, invest a certain amount of advertising fees, promote through newspapers, social software, TV media, electronic advertising... etc., to enhance the visibility of the park. 2 Promotion At the beginning of the opening, holidays, etc., through certain discounts and promotions, can attract a certain popularity to the park. But be careful. 3 VIP cards, monthly or annual cards, etc. Not only can it attract people, but it can also win more repeat customers for the park. 4 Services. Good service can enhance the reputation and popularity of the park, bring customers a pleasant feeling, make them come again.



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Theme park is a park that features various attractions, such as rides and games,  as well as other events for entertainment purposes.  A theme park is a type of amusement park that bases its structures and attractions around a central theme,  often featuring multiple areas with different themes. We provide water park equipment that enriches variety of theme parks. Under our experts' efforts,  we can input different kind theme style for almost all water slides, aqua house, as well as water play games.



Hotel will not only be acted as lodging resort,water parks will be one of the essential value-create facility. To satisfy the requirement of increasingly demanding from consumers, Hotel will not only be acted as lodging resort, almost every new hotel will include several components that create a destination for meeting, shopping, recreation and entertainment. Indoor or outdoor waterparks as the entertainment facility are now part of almost every new hotel mixed-use project; the hotel value is greatly expanded. The hotels that include Water Park have higher occupancy, increased room rates and higher room revenues than hotels without waterparks. More and more hotel waterparks are part of mixed-use developments that include lodging, recreation, entertainment, retail, residential and office components. Many of our equipments can be installed with hotels, such as kids water slides, swing slide, water aqua houses, splash pool, etc... Click here to get more product information: Swing slide Kids slide Aqua house Splash pool



For holiday parks, clients can choose some equipments which allow many clients play together, enhance the interactivity. Here we recommend: 1 Raft slide It is a kind of traditional slide, but always popupalr in holiday parks. Clients can sit in  the raft with friends, Under the lubrication of water, slip to water pool with scream! 2 Free fall speed slide             It is really an exciting slide which is very popular among young people.        and will be a symbol of water parks to attract more customers' coming. 3 Super bowl slide Bowl slide is with shape of round, so this slide provides guests with extreme turns, curves and drop; Riders take on a raft and grasp handles on both sides, and then slide down along the way with its own gravity under water lubrication. After a period of spiral section, steep fall and buffer section, riders will enter the “super bowl” by the spiral tangent as if they are sucked into the vortex.  completing a thrilling journey.



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Certifications is an important symbol of product quality. Longmatic has professional industry certifications, such as 《Installation, Alteration, Repair&Maintenance License of Special Equipment》《Product qualified certification》...etc.  

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