9 ways to make your children's playground more popular!


As we all know, the design of the children's playground has a great impact on the future development of the playground. Therefore, the design of the children's playground should be investigated in advance and the most reasonable planning should be made at the beginning of construction. Then the playground will be more popular.

1. Understand the objective conditions of the venue

As an operator, the area and boundaries of the playground should be clearly defined. Pay special attention to the objective factors that affect the placement of the rides, such as waterways, obstacles, lampposts, etc. These seemingly inconspicuous details can affect the overall planning of the venue.

2. pay attention to the entrance and exit of the venue

The location of the playground must consider the surrounding traffic conditions, pay attention to whether the entrance and exit is convenient for cycling or skateboarding in the playground, and whether it is convenient to carry the baby carriage or wheelchair.

3. Material protection of the playground ground

Ground protection must match the gaming facilities in the area. The protective floor can be sand, safety mats, wood chips, but must be thick enough to slow the impact.

4. Material selection of amusement equipment

Operators should confirm that suppliers of amusement equipment have passed relevant national certifications and do not use materials containing toxic substances, such as wood containing aluminum and arsenic, as well as other waste materials such as old utility poles and railway sleepers.

5. The placement and color of amusement equipment

Operators should pay attention to factors such as light, shadow, sun, wind and so on. Another important factor is the color of the venue. The effect of color on children is obvious. Bright and cheerful colors will bring joy to children.

6. Understand the product and function

As we all know, the playground is an exciting, inspiring and challenging place for both children and parents. The rides must be carefully selected. Choose from a variety of venues such as swings, water slides, sand and some other things. Different game types form the overall atmosphere of the playground. It is important to meet the gaming needs of children of all ages, so playgrounds must constantly understand the stage and needs of children.

7. Understand the needs of children

It is important to understand children and their needs. Children have the right to play games, see delightful colors in the game, experience the joy of the game and the happiness of learning from it. Children's games have no clear purpose, just an instinct. Their game is a reflection of the adult world and is a complete person in their way. Therefore, understanding what they need is an important bargaining chip.

8 Divided into age groups

Who is your target age group? What age group needs to consider? First determine which age groups the playground will serve. In this regard, planning a playground is a crucial process. Because to build a fully functional playground, you must fully consider the different needs of children of different ages and the stage of development they are in. If the playground also needs to accommodate children with disabilities, their special needs must also be fully considered.

9 To meet the surrounding needs

As we all know, the industry that has risen around the playground has become more and more popular in recent years. Most of the playgrounds are family combinations. old people, young parents and children. Especially Weekends and holidays are more popular. This kind of consumption of children in a fixed place "one person drives the whole family" can prolong the stay time of customers in the mall, stimulate the potential consumption of customers, and at the same time reverse the popularity of the playground, which will naturally make your playground more popular.

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