About the health management of the water park


At present, with the rapid development of water park industry, the water parks in China are also increasing year by year. However, there are still many shortcomings in management. When people choose to play in a water park, they generally consider their safety, health, and fun. Then decide whether to play. So how do you carry out health work while the water park equipment guarantees fun and safety?

First, check the pool

Water is an important part of the water park. Checking the pool includes checking the water quality and the water surface. This requires the staff to check the water quality every day according to the indicators. The water quality data can reach the target before the park can be operated. The second is to check the water surface of the pool. collect and clean up the debris, and keep the water in the park clean.

Second, check the road surface

As people play in the water park, it is inevitable that some water will be brought to the ground during the process of entering and leaving the pool. Therefore, our staff will need to tow the water in time to prevent the tourists from slipping and accidents. Another point is that the average visitor is barefoot when playing in the park. Therefore, the staff is also required to check the road surface frequently to ensure that there are no broken glass, sharp objects and other dangerous materials to ensure the sanitation and safety in the park.

Third, carry out disinfection work

This is a necessary work. First is the disinfection work of tourists entering the field. When the general visitors enter the stadium, we must confirm the physical fitness, dressing, etc. of the tourists, and disinfect the dip pool by diluting the disinfectant. You can enter the play area after finish disinfection work .

by disinfection and cleaning work in the dressing area, bathing area and toilet, you can use daily cleaning of garbage, regular spraying of disinfectant and other methods to inhibit bacterial growth and keep the public health area of the park clean.

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