Analysis on the nature and method of artificial wave equipment


With the development of the water entertainment industry, water parks have become more and more popular among people. In the summer, many water parks are full of popularity. As a way of leisure and entertainment, making waves is a kind of fashion that integrates family, romance and joy into one. For the majority of investors, demand is the market, and wave construction is taking place across the country. Artificial wave making is the most attractive place for tourists in the water park. If you are swimming in the wave pool, whether it is small or choppy, it will give visitors the pleasure of the sea. For artificial wave making, there are mainly two kinds of artificial wave making equipment. 

First, the nature of the wave pool

The wave pool is a pool that artificially simulates waves by mechanical means. In the water park it is generally the largest and most popular in all pools. The undulating layers of waves on the water always bring a burst of excitement to the visitors, making the visitors happy to forget return. The bottom of the wave pool should be designed as a slope, from shallow to deep. This is conducive to the formation and development of waves. The wave machine and wave generating mouth should be placed in the deepest part of the pool.

Second, the way of artificial wave equipment

There are many ways to make waves, but according to their technical means, they can be mainly divided into two categories: pneumatic and vacuum.

1. Pneumatic wave is a form commonly used in current wave pools. It is composed of air chamber, fan, valve mechanism, speed governing mechanism, air duct system, control system, etc. It is characterized by simple structure.

Its working principle is to introduce the airflow blown by the centrifugal fan into a gas chamber, and through the continuous pumping/discharging air, the free water surface in the gas chamber is pressed to generate a wave, and a wave is formed. By changing the frequency of the pumping/exhaust flow and the size of the airflow, the size and length of the wave can be changed to create eight effects that simulate natural waves, surges, and waves. The wave height is 0.5-1.2m, the wave and length are 50m, and all components of the wave-making system are separated from the water, which is beneficial to the use and equipment maintenance. This device is suitable for small water parks. Pneumatic wave-making civil construction and equipment cost are low, which is the most commonly used wave-making method in water parks. But the disadvantage is that the noise is slightly larger. Suitable for the elderly or children to play.

2. The vacuum wave-making system is mainly composed of a vacuum main machine, a pipeline system, a water circulation system, a valve system, a control system and a gas chamber.

Its working principle is that the vacuum machine evacuates the air in the air chamber, so that the water level rises indoors. When the water level reaches the preset height, the valve is opened, the air chamber and the atmosphere are suddenly connected, and the negative pressure becomes normal pressure. When the air chamber is boosted, the high water level water in the air chamber suddenly falls, and the water body is strongly impacted, thereby generating waves. This wave is characterized by a large wave height of up to 2.8m and a wave extension length of up to 100 meters. The momentum is spectacular and the waves are rolled. The disadvantage is that the wave generation period is long, the structure is complex, and the cost is relatively high. Used in large water park wave pools. When the wave-making system is in operation, its energy consumption is large, so it usually does not last long. Generally, it is 1-2 times a hour, 10-15 minutes each time.

The above is the analysis of the nature and mode of artificial wave equipment. Artificial wave pool is the most popular water recreation project.

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