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The water park is one of the most popular and profitable theme tourism products, and the market is very popular. Generally speaking, the water park construction period is 6 to 18 months. The first two years are the return period, and the third year is the profit period. The water park that has been in the non-return status is directly related to its program planning. How to better promote project construction and achieve good operation? Now Guangzhou Longmatic analyzes the process of building a water park for everyone.

First, the investment cost

1. Site and civil construction cost: The waterfront park's site cost and civil construction cost are the largest proportion of water park investment, usually accounting for more than one-half of the total investment. The construction cost of the civil construction part and the water park equipment cost ratio are about 1.8:1.

2. Equipment investment: including water slides, wave equipment, water equipment and other supporting facilities. The cost of water park equipment is only lower than the site construction.

3. Operating cost investment: including labor, advertising, services and other costs, operational planning can be self-regulation.

Second, the water park design process

1. Investment planning: research the market, economy, peer competition, etc. of the project, determine the market positioning of the project, determine the reasonable investment amount of the project and the investment ratio of each functional module.

2. Brand planning: Based on the investment planning ideas, based on market positioning and attractiveness, determine the project brand strategy and competition strategy. From the perspective of the target consumer groups and the future marketing of the project, entertain the creative ideas, plan the highlights and selling points of the project, and create differentiation.

3. Design planning: According to the idea of investment planning and brand planning, transition to design implementation, and comprehensively organize and deepen the design content around the characteristics and differentiation of the project. Determine the construction content and functional division, select architectural style, cultural theme, water park equipment and analyze feasibility, and provide control technical indicators requirements or guidance for subsequent design.

4. General rules and design: Through the construction content and layout of the general plan design drawing, determine the spatial position relationship of each functional area of the project and its connection with the outside, and propose the main landmark architectural plan and important node landscape plan, pointing out Design key points and rationally arrange water park equipment.

5. Preliminary design: Deepen the specific design of the partition according to the general plan design drawing, refine the key content of entertainment creativity and core engineering, and determine the technical solutions and main parameters.

6. Construction drawing design: Prepare the detailed general plan as well as the detailed plan and construction budget, and express the technical requirements for the specific dimensions, materials and practices of each detail.

Third, the basic process of water park construction

After obtaining the land use right and approving the project, proceed:

(1) Conceptual design planning stage
1. Select the conceptual design unit to connect the conceptual design work;
2, creative theme, story line theme image equipment list layer layout, overall bird's eye view, equipment outsourcing style.

(2) Selection stage of water amusement facilities
1. According to the equipment list provided by the conceptual design, equipment selection and procurement, and determine the equipment production cycle;
2. Determine equipment location, floor space, and basic drawings.

(3) Water park planning and design stage
1. The indoor packaging design of each zoning plan, general plan, tourist moving line, traffic route and evacuation route;
2, indoor landscape design, interior landscape props style design, assist tool props design;
3. Equipment packaging design;
4. Lighting system design.

Expanded design interior packaging design:
1. Indoor landscape design;
2. Environment art and scene props;
3. Equipment packaging design;
4. Lighting system design.

Construction Design:
Including indoor packaging design landscape design, environment art and scene props, equipment package design, lighting system design, logo system design theme, logo design function logo.

Fourth, civil construction construction stage

According to the planning drawings of the water park, pay special attention to the position of the embedded parts, the inlet and outlet, and the load-bearing structure.

Fifth, equipment installation and commissioning

1. The quality supervision department registers and records;
2. Equipment installation, equipment installation and commissioning;
3. Equipment inspection acceptance.
4. Equipment maintenance and operation training.

Sixth, the operation team recruitment and training

1. Operation management system establishment;
2. Recruit the core management team and equipment maintenance personnel before installation and commissioning;
3. After the installation and commissioning of the equipment, the amusement equipment operators are in place;
4. Service etiquette, process training, safety management training;
5. Personnel in operation, maintenance and management positions shall obtain corresponding certificates;
6. Basic knowledge training of amusement equipment, operation emergency drill training, and simulation training for each post.

Seven, trial operation

1. Employees are familiar with the work processes and service processes of their respective positions;
2. Collect feedback from tourists and carry out upgrades;
3. Finding inadequacies in operations and optimizing the process;
4. Check and correct safety hazards.

Eight, officially opened

1. Early publicity;
2. Event arrangement;
3. Passenger flow safety control;
4. Crisis public relations drills;
5. Safety emergency plan;
6. Opening preferential policies;
7. Equipment maintenance and update.

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