Aqua park water flower spray

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Product Details

Product description:

Water spray games are ideal interactive water features for kids, as well as adults. To make it as nice theme for looking during the close season, Some of the spray games are made with nice  theme by our experienced Sculpture technician, so this kind of games are popular for water parks, resorts, hot spring, villas, school, Public park, apartments, Condominiums etc. During the summer hot days, the games are not only used as entertainment purpose but also good devices that cool down the temperature. We use CNC machined stainless steel nozzles to make sure the water sprayed move to accurate direction as designed and the nozzles are durable and high reliability. What’s more, most of water sprays features are installed with Motion Sensor Switches, so the features will spray water smartly interacts with players.

Product typical specifications





Suitable players

Families, Adults, Children

Minimum order quantity

1 pc

Installation areas

Water park, theme park, hotel parks, holiday parks

Delivery time

30 days after received deposit

Product brand


Aqua play products features:

1 Bright colors, no fading, high strength, anti-static, wear-resistant, light-resistant, aging-resistant, anti-cracking.

2 With reference to European and American popular styles, combined with the characteristics of the domestic market, ingeniously assimilate children's nature such as running, drilling, climbing, sliding,  rolling etc. into the products. Which can not only exercises the balance, creativity and independence of the children. but also can enhance children's awareness of self-protection.

3 Very suitable for lively occasions (parks, communities, tourist areas, gardens, etc.). The equipment structure of Longmatic Water Park is safe and durable. Its design is ingenious, the color is harmonious, and the ingenious combination of various parts of plastic can bring safety, joy and lively feeling to children.

4 According to the actual site size, design different styles of plays.

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