Bowl slides

  • Typical tower height:

  • Flume Width:

  • Typical occupy area:

  • Guest Capacity:

    2 person/raft
  • Hourly Capacity:

    100-300 guests/h
  • Typical flow:

  • Typical power:

  • Sliding method:

    body slide or rafts
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Product Details

Super space bowl fiberglass slide for water parks

Play experience

Riders take on a raft and grasp handles on both sides, and then slide down along the way with its own gravity under water lubrication. 

After a period of spiral section, steep fall and buffer section, riders will enter the “super bowl” by the spiral tangent as if they are sucked

into the vortex. 


Product description

Rafts will slide around the bowl under water lubrication, like flowing in the vortex and gradually enter the center of vortex. 

It means that riders taking a raft will come down from bottom of the bowl and go into buffer section, and then slow down on the splash pool,

completing a thrilling journey.

Product typical specifications



Typical Tower height




Product Type

Water park slide, Giant slide, scenery slide

Flume thickness


Suitable players


Minimum order quantity

1 pc

Installation areas

Water parks, theme parks, holiday parks

Delivery time

30-60 days after received deposit 

Slide size

Park bowl slide

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