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Product Details
Structure of the filter sand tank
The ejection of the sand tank head is relatively simple, and there is a finely-made water distributor inside to prevent the sand from being lost from the return water. The external sand tank head can easily switch the functions of filtering and backwashing. There are three interfaces on the sand head, which are water inlet, outlet and sewage. All three interfaces are articulated and can be quickly installed and removed. Sand tank heads are available in metric and imperial systems, which can be matched with pipes in different regions. The connection function of the sand head is as shown on the right.
The high-pressure treated water enters the interior of the tank, passes through the sand layer, and the water distributor with fine holes can block the sand from entering the water outlet. The sand layer isolates and filters the suspended particles in the water. The filter sand tank is equipped with a sand head, so-called multi-directional valve, which can easily control the direction of water flow for flushing and back flushing. The filter sand tank can use quartz sand as the filter medium. If the filter material is a biochemical filter material, the filter sand tank can be used as a biological filter.

working principle

The filter uses special filter sand to eliminate the tiny dirt in the pond. Filter sand is used as a medium for removing dirt and is filled in the cavity in the filter. When the control button is set to the "FILTER" position, the pool water containing suspended dirt particles is pressed into the filter pipeline by the pump, and then guided to the water outlet of the filter by the control switch. The pool water passes through the filter, and the tiny dirt is trapped and removed by the sand bed. The filtered fresh water is returned to the swimming pool from the bottom of the filter through the control switch and then from the pipeline. This set of procedures is also automatic and provides a complete cycle for pool filtration and plumbing systems.

Function of sand head
1. FILTER filtering: normal filtering.
2. BACKWASH: Drain the accumulated dirt in the filter.
3. RINSE flushing: remove the dirt in the drain pipe.
4. RECIPCULATE cycle: recycle water without filtering.
5. WASTE blowdown: direct blowdown without filtration.
6. CLOSED: Close all filter functions.
Note: Before changing the valve switch position, the pump must be stopped.
Advantages of the filter sand jar
1: Can withstand large pressure, can press water to a height of 1-2 meters high :.
2: There is no need to open and clean. It has built-in reverse water flow cleaning.
3: small size, can filter large water bodies, beautiful appearance and easy installation.
4: The life of glass fiber is more than 8 years, which is more than 2 times longer than that of plastic.
Sand cylinder performance characteristics:
1. Reinforced polyester seamless shell, glass fiber winding spherical structure makes the sand container stronger, and the surface is non-toxic treated.
2. Anti-corrosion, anti-wear, anti-ultraviolet UV, anti-oxidation O3, sun protection, sea and fresh water.
3. The unique water distributor and water collector form a balanced hydraulic flow, and the culvert drainage system has high efficiency.
4. High filtration accuracy, good effluent quality, turbidity <20um.
5. High filtering flow rate, filtering speed can reach 10 ~ 50m3 / h / m2.
6. The multi-directional valve is convenient and simple to operate, and it is equipped with a transparent sewage pipe to observe the clarity of the flushing water.
7. Equipped with barometer, manual vent valve and drain valve.
8. Bolts, nuts and various fasteners are made of stainless steel.
9. Fast cleaning, no loss of filter material, easy operation and maintenance, the cylinder body is not bad for ten years.
Sand cylinder manual valve function:
1. Filter. Filtration is where water enters through two upper and lower water outlets on the same side of the tank head, passes through the tank's filter material and filter tube in turn, and then is discharged from the lower water outlet of the tank head back to the pool, and the water in the pool is normally circulated and filtered.
2. Backwash. Backwashing is where water enters through the upper and lower water outlets on the same side of the cylinder head, passes through the filter material and filter tube in the tank, and then shoots to a designated place from a separate sewage outlet on the other side of the cylinder head (send more in the tank and filter Dirt on the material).
3. Rinse. Rinse means that water enters through a water inlet on the same side of the tank head, passes through the filter material and filter tube in the sand tank in sequence, and then shoots to a designated place from a separate drain port on the other side of the tank head Particles in the filter and filter media).
4. Recycling. Recirculation is also performed without a filter, that is, water enters through the upper water inlet with two water outlets on the same side of the cylinder head, and does not pass through the inside of the sand tank, and is directly discharged into the pool from the lower water outlet on the same side.
5. Sewage. Drainage is the water entering through the upper inlet with two water outlets on the same side of the tank head, without passing through the inside of the sand tank, and then draining to a designated place from a separate drain port on the other side of the tank head.
6. Close. Close all functions of the cylinder head control valve.

1.Purification and filtration of large swimming pools, bathrooms, water parks, jacuzzis and water features.
2. Purification and treatment of industrial sewage and domestic sewage
3.Pretreatment of drinking water.
4. Agricultural irrigation water treatment.
5.Seawater, freshwater aquaculture water treatment.
6.High-density temporary keeping in hotels and aquatic markets.
7.Aquarium, life support system of aquatic biology laboratory.
8.Sewage treatment before aquatic product processing plant wastewater discharge.
9. Industrialized circulating water aquaculture system treatment

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