How to build an attractive water park?


In recent years, the development of water parks is in a blowout situation. According to incomplete statistics, currently, the number of water parks and in buliding water parks far exceeds other types of theme parks in China. But how to build a water park with good benefit? How to build a interesting water park? It is not simple.

1. Site selection and scale
The location and scale of the water park is determined by the local achievable passenger flow, convenient transportation conditions, consumption level and its own management team. It is imperative to simply imitate and invest blindly.

2. Equipment configuration
Recent years, more customers have tended to large-scale combination slides, but must pay attention to the passenger capacity of the equipment. The water park equipment configuration should pay more attention to family consumer groups, and configure the family amusement facilities for all ages to avoid equipment accumulation and leave sufficient secondary development space. In addition, you can also configure water equipment that can be opened all year, equipment that combines with marine life or land equipment, etc.

3.Water park design
The design of the water park must ensure completeness and accuracy. The design must take full account of the entire campus's official network system, water supply and drainage system, water supply electromechanical control system for each equipment, water treatment system, design of each equipment room, design of each sink, the coordinate size of each equipment base, The location should be clear. Avoid designing and constructing together;  designing and modifying together, there must be no missing items. It is necessary to properly configure the visitors moving line, set up the corresponding shopping, dining, rest, and public facilities.

4. Pay attention to water treatment system.

Water is the soul of water park, clear and blue water makes the visitors pleasing. So it is very necessary to configure good water treatment system.

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