How to make secondary income in water park?


Many indoor children's investors come to the consultation and ask about the income from the increase in ticket income. In fact, in the vicinity of the children's water park, you will find a lot of business opportunities. many people may ask, isn't it just selling tickets? What else can you do? In fact, there are still many things we can do around the playground. Here are a few tips for our clients.

First, children's swimsuit

The first is children's swimwear, many parents will enter the indoor children's water park because of thier kids' urgent desire and crying. At this time, no children can swim without a swimsuit. It is a good way to prepare a variety of swimsuits in the water park. And put some water toys next to the swimsuit, such as a water gun. Child not only will playing the toy in water park, they still want to bring some fun toys to go home and continue to play. At this time, parent's have to pay the order for their baby.

Second, food and drink

In the process of children playing, the physical exertion will definitely want to eat something or drink, etc., and the physical exertion of the play, the parents will also want the child to replenish energy. Therefore, investing in catering near the children's water amusement water park for secondary consumption project is a good choice.

Third, books and albums

For children's water playgrounds, especially for aquatic playgrounds with early childhood education, it is quite right to sell books and catalogues around. It is worth noting that these books are not necessarily for children, but some Parents can be easily read while waiting for the children to play. It may be enough for the children to play. Parents are still reading the book and buying it directly. Why not try this way?

Fourth, Organizing children's activities

Children's activities are not tangible goods, but they are also more useful. For example, children's health activities, photography activities, etc. can be held near the playground, so that parents can be attracted. The leaflets may be the only papers at parents' hands. It is an excellent opportunity to learn the park more. it can not only improves the success of marketing, but also helps to increase the added value of children's water parks.

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