How to make water park attractive at night?


Summer is coming, it is a season full of sweat and challenges for water park practitioners! The outdoor water park's operating season is only a few months in summer, and the most prosperous time is July and August. For most water parks, this is the golden season and the season when the water park open at night.

With the rapid development of the economy and the more selective employment, it has changed the life rhythm and living habits of modern urban people. The night is becoming the best time for people to socialize, meet, dine, entertain, shop, etc. in many cities. For young people, when night falls, the carnival has just begun!

In the summer of July and August, the weather is hot. The water park provides the best place for people to cool off and cool the summer. The night scene of the water park adds time dimension. There is no hot daylight in the daytime, so that the people who are busy with work and study during the day are full. Time to enjoy the coolness of summer nights!

Statistics show that the number of visitors to the water parks in many southern cities has exceeded 50% of the total number of tourists! This fully illustrates the importance of the water park night scene. So, what is the attraction of the water park night market?

The water park night scene has "four magic weapons", namely: lighting, music, performing arts and fireworks.

Waterpark Night "magic weapon 1  ": Lighting

The light is the most gorgeous costume of the water park night scene. The night is opened and the lights are illuminated. It presents a completely different visual feast, or gorgeous, or romantic, or magical, or fairy tale...

The lights of the water park night are divided into: basic lighting, ambient lighting, and performing arts lighting.

Basic lighting usually refers to functional lighting to ensure the safety of tourists and ensure basic illumination, including street lights, indicator lights, high pole lights, indoor lights, etc.;

Ambient atmosphere lights generally refer to the use of lights and point light sources for the night scene atmosphere, using trees, buildings and equipment outlines. The computerized programming controls the original trees, buildings and equipment to present colorful visual effects, thus allowing The water park blocks the night and becomes colorful.

The performing arts activity light is an important part of the performance of the stage performance in the course of the nighttime performing arts activities, in conjunction with the live performances and the professional lighting required for the plot.

Waterpark Night "magic weapon 2": Music

The night lights give people a visual enjoyment,  music is the fuse that mobilizes people's emotional outbursts! The cheerful melody, the dynamic rhythm, and the passionate dance of the stage actor make people instantly blend into the crowd, singing and dancing.....

Waterpark Night Course "magic weapon 3": Performing Arts

The core element of the water park night scene is performing arts. The core area of the performance is generally in the wave pool of the water park. When the night show performance begins, almost all tourists will concentrate on the wave pool area while enjoying the exciting surfing and enjoying the stage. At the stage of the show, with the guidance of the host, screamed, all the pressure to vent.

In recent years, the performances of the water park night scene have become more and more rich, and the programs have become more and more exciting. From foreign hot and spicy song and dance performances to stars and net red, live band electronic music party, fire dance show, water show , virtual reality projections, etc., emerge in an endless stream, constantly stimulating the sensory nerves of tourists.

It is necessary to pay attention to the proper control of the volume according to the location of the water park to avoid affecting the surrounding residents.

Waterpark Night Stadium "magic weapon 4": Fireworks

The use of fireworks has been around for a long time. Generally, people will watch the fireworks in major festivals. In order to enrich the performance atmosphere of the night scene, the water park will mobilize the mood of tourists and introduce the fireworks into the night show of the water park, which is generally used as a water park night show. The climax part releases the fireworks, which can instantly detonate the audience and play a very good performance!

It should be noted that the use of cold fireworks is recommended because of its low ignition temperature, smokelessness, relative safety and no pollution to the water quality of the water park.

After analysis of the key points of the water park night scene. Let's talk about the pricing strategy of the water park night market.

Water park summer operation time is generally 10:00-22:00, night time opening time is 17:00, the general night market fare is 20%-30% lower than the daily fare, the specific pricing needs specific analysis.

First, look at the night weather in the city where the water park is located. If the night temperature is much lower than the daytime (5 degrees or more), then the price of the night market can be lower than the daily field; if the night temperature is not cool, you can consider the unified price.

The second is to see the distance from the water park to central city. If the distance is more than one hour, the price of the night market can be lower than the daily.

Other factors such as consumption habits, horizontal competition, and historical business data should be considered together.

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