How to operate children's playgrounds after coronavirus?


The Covid has brought unprecedented impact to amusement industries such as indoor children's water parks, and the subsequent impact is expected to last for six months or more. The coronavirus has not only brought problems to the operation of the park, but also brought more unknowns to the future market confidence. According to the regulations of the state and relevant departments, most of the parks are resuming operation step by step. There is no doubt that the amusement industry is now entering the era of low profit, and at this time, the refined operation and marketing of the park are particularly important. So, how to operate children's playgrounds after coronavirus?

Do a fact-finding survey

Many theme park surveys often stop on a feasibility report before investment and park opening. Annual market surveys are either not available or are based on data provided by the ticketing system. Most parks do not have such a smart data analysis system as Disney, so the data of these ticketing systems is not to say that it is useless, but more to stay on pure admissions, gender, and city source. For the overall market's basic views on children's parks However, content such as demand form, basic view is relatively lacking. There are also some parks that always start from the park standard and do not respect the changes in the market very well. At this time, it is necessary to have real market research.

The research objectives at this stage should be defined in understanding the media used at home during the coronavirus, the  tourism needs after coronavirus, consumer attitudes and plans, changes and views on kids parks ’concerns, future park activities, and interest in equipment. Provide clearer suggestions for park operation and marketing after the park is opened.

The content of the survey is mainly to clarify the habits, needs, mentality and plans of tourists, such as the APP used during the home period, the media concerned, the plan of travel after the lifting of the ban, the radius of travel, disinfection safety of the park, and crowd management Worrying about the interest in new products and equipment, festivals, etc., behind each issue will affect the marketing decisions of the park: dissemination of content, purchase channels, media dissemination, rhythm dissemination, and so on.

Form of survey: The post-coronavirus survey has clear goals and clear content-focusing on the needs and mentality of tourists, and the following methods are recommended in the form: sample questionnaire surveys, focus group interviews, Whatsapp private letter inquiry, The data, materials, and market conclusions obtained through analysis are the conclusions that are most likely to be close to the truth of the market. The psychological impact of this coronavirus is consistent across the country, but some places are more serious, and some cases have only occurred in two or three cases. The specific recreational needs will still be different due to this.

Appropriately reduce the market radius and dig deeper into the market in search of increase

Theme parks usually complete primary mining of the local market through one or two years of operation. If the coronavirus does not occur, the probability is that in the third or fourth year, the surrounding market will be gradually increased to seek greater market growth. .However, the coronavirus is so contagious that everyone will still have a certain psychological shadow within half a year. Tourism, as a typical crowd gathering consumption activity, has obvious ambiguity across regions, which will affect everyone's tourism enthusiasm more or less. Water parks above 80,000 square meters generally have a market coverage capacity of about 2.5 hours by car, and this coronavirus may need to reduce the market radiation radius this year to about 1.5 hours, that is, the surrounding city market, and then cross a city. It may make the market development more difficult, or the cost-effectiveness ratio is not good. The park that originally needed a large number of foreign tourists to replenish, you need to dig deeper into the local market and seek for increase.

Establish a good social image of the park

In 2020, medical workers are undoubtedly the cutest people and the most beautiful retrogrades. Therefore, up to the amusement association and down to each individual scenic spot, basically free medical workers will be announced. First of all, this behavior and action deserves full affirmation. However, if there are no detailed implementation details such as medical staff / police staff, only medical staff are not considered, and their family members are not considered. If the plan is not comprehensive and there are obvious errors and omissions, why should we talk about implementation? Public welfare marketing activities, on the one hand, slogans, on the other hand, implementation, can fully test the wisdom of water children's playground marketing workers.

If public welfare can't start from the heart, the implementation details will not be considered enough, and the action will inevitably be deformed in the specific implementation. People participating in public welfare may have negative psychology, which is even more a disaster for the park. The purpose of public welfare itself, the division of public welfare crowds, the determination of quotas, on-site packaging and entertainment, a concise sense of ritual for public welfare activities, and subsequent communication and guidance should all be factors to be considered in every public welfare marketing activity.

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