How to seize the heart of the customer to operate the water park well


Generally speaking, the target customers in the park are children around 3-12 years old. It is estimated that the parents are about 25-35 years old, that is, after 80 and 90. As the economic power to guide and lead the child's consumption, it is more important to analyze the parents than to analyze the children. The main characteristics of these parents are to accept new things quickly, to be independent and dare to do it. Operators need to analyze their consumption habits, hobbies, communication methods, etc. based on these characteristics, and formulate relevant business strategies according to their characteristics and habits. When you understand the customer enough, you can understand the customer's needs and there are ways to retain the customer.

It is very important to collect customer information. The customer's information must be as detailed as possible. The clients referred to are children and parents, such as parents and children's birthdays, hobbies, parents' mobile phone numbers, WeChat, qq, allergies, etc. In order to achieve the effect of making the customer feel humanized and caring, the customer naturally has a good impression of the park.

After collecting customer information, we must ensure timely and effective communication with customers. Operators can set up discussion groups to get customers involved. The content can be opinions, suggestions or recommendations for the activities of the children's play equipment. To mobilize the enthusiasm of customers, the amusement equipment that customers need is a good and useful amusement equipment. Customers help to choose amusement equipment far more effective than their choice. If conditions permit, it can also be promoted in multiple ways, such as WeChat promotion, group buying platform promotion and so on. Let our customers know the latest developments in the children's playground, the update of amusement equipment, the activities and safety of the park, and so on.

In addition, parents need to take care of their children while they are playing. This long wait is a question worthy of further study. Operators can prepare books for parents, offering wifi, snacks, coffee and tea.

Holidays, customer birthdays should be fully utilized, greetings, small gifts or free play coupons for children's play equipment. Small details make customers feel moved, so that customers feel valued and will not leave.

In today's increasingly detailed management, children's park operators can only show better services in smaller details, so that parents and children can enjoy your children's playground.

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