Impact of Coronavirus in Amusement Enterprises


During the special period when the coronavirus pneumonia raging, the entire Chinese cultural tourism industry was basically in a state of stagnation. Whether it is domestic paradise practitioners, amusement equipment suppliers or supporting facilities service providers, all are waiting for the end of the epidemic. Waiting for a turn in the crisis, waiting for the recovery of the industry.

In fact, not only domestic cultural and travel enterprises, The whole world amusement companies are always paying attention to the epidemic situation of new crown pneumonia. For them, China is a very important market, and they also hope that the epidemic will end soon and everything will return to normal. A few days ago, several amusement companies, what impact this epidemic has on them, and what countermeasures they have, let ’s take a look at them together:

Belgium Alterface (play equipment supplier)
The epidemic is devastating. Some of our engineers can only stay in Europe because the original Chinese project was postponed. We feel that 2020 will be worse than 2019 ... We hope that all the bad ones hurry up and Alterface misses China!

Germany Simtec Systems (amusement equipment supplier)
The coronavirus currently has little impact on Simtec's domestic sales, but many of our maintenance teams are stranded in their hometowns, which will undoubtedly have some impact. However, most of the owners have also ceased business, so far, the impact of the virus on Simtec's business has not been significant. This year, the two projects we served for Sunac were originally planned to open at the end of April and the end of June respectively. In addition, Henghaihuadao had equipment originally planned to be installed from April to May. These projects are expected to be delayed due to the epidemic. Simtec also feels very sorry for this. After the epidemic is over, we will strive to complete these projects as soon as possible, and strive to "take back" the lost time.

Wiegrand Waterslide (water park supplier)
The biggest impact of the coronavirus was to delay the project, because Wiegrand originally planned to install a second rotating slide in China this year (Note: The first one was installed at Guangzhou Changlong Water Park); in addition, Wiegrand also took over Xiangyang Overseas Chinese Town project this year, but Xiangyang is relatively close to Wuhan, the project should be postponed for a long time. From the current situation, Wiegrand can only temporarily focus on projects in other countries. In addition, we still have a lot of related projects onboard the cruise ship, and these projects have tight schedules. Therefore, although the domestic virus has affected Wiegrand, it is not too big.

Netherlands Unlimited Leisure
The coronavirus situation is an irresistible factor, and enterprises may face this situation. From 1995 to the present, after two global financial crises, Unlimited Leisure has survived the difficulties steadily. Our current business is not only in Asia. Many projects in North America, the Middle East and Europe have helped the current shutdown of the Asian market to a certain extent share the risk. However, from the current situation in China, the company has still been affected by some issues, such as adjustments in project scheduling and funding plans.

Canada White Water (water park supplier)
Affected by the coronavirus, our team has evacuated the work site, which has affected the delivery and opening of the park project. CAE Beijing, China ’s most important amusement industry exhibition, has also been postponed. We are waiting to see how the IAAPA Asia exhibition in June will proceed. I believe the worst will be far away from this land at that time!

Canada Proslide (water park supplier)
Proslide's core R & D and innovation team, design team, operation and production plants are all in Canada and the United States, so this part of the work is still carried out as usual and has not been affected by the coronavirus. Moreover, Proslide's IT office technology is very advanced and convenient. The servers of Proslide China and the Canadian headquarters are synchronized in real time. Every employee of Proslide China can remotely access the company's server, remotely use and share core files, and the company's dedicated video conference software. Employee can also remotely work from home at home.

Canada Martin & Vleminckx (wood roller coaster supplier)
The coronavirus first affected the Beijing exhibition in March, open time is yet to be determined; second, the new project (Jinan Sunac) that was installed before the Spring Festival has also been suspended, and the time for resumption of work is to be determined; finally, the customers originally planned to visit and arranged The meeting was canceled. Domestic colleagues have resumed work at home while waiting for the epidemic to be lifted!

Liechtenstein Intamin (amusement equipment supplier)
There is no way to deal with natural disasters or human disasters. The coronavirus has delayed a lot of our work, and it may take a period of repair after the virus. At present, Intamin's team in Shanghai has resumed work in isolation. We all look forward to the virus's end.

Polin Waterparks, Turkey (water park supplier)
It takes a long time from the project establishment to design, production, transportation, installation and inspection. Sometimes it takes even half a year to a year. Although this new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic has developed rapidly since January this year, the good news during this time is that from Hubei to China, the daily diagnosis data continues to decline. There are reasons to believe that the epidemic will eventually be brought under control and eliminated.

Longmatic's attituation:
At present, under the powerful measures of the Chinese government, the Coronavirus has been basically controlled, and almost 95% enterprises have returned to work. All Longmatic staff also returned to work and are ready to serve customers. At the same time, we also firmly believe that with the joint efforts of all the world, the coronavirus will be contained in time, and we hope everything returning to normal as early as possible.

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