Integrated wall-mounted filter

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Product Details
Installation: wall-mounted


1. There is no need to build a machine room for filtering the water in the swimming pool, saving land area and civil decoration costs.
2. There are no pipes to prevent water leakage and save resources.
3. High water cleanliness and high filtration accuracy, up to 5UM
4, three-dimensional circulation, water quality is not easy to damage, at least one year without changing water
5, comes with filtering, disinfection, surfing, pollution absorption, escalators, lighting and other integration.
6. International patent design, energy saving and environmental protection, simple operation and convenient daily maintenance.

【working principle】
The wall-mounted integrated filter generates vacuum negative pressure through the operation of the motor and water pump. The unfiltered water in the swimming pool is washed from the water inlet to the filter, filtered, and then flows into the pool through the water outlet. The entire pool of water forms a large clockwise three-dimensional circulation. This cycle is completed in the pool's water body, and the energy loss is small.

【Application range】
Private pool, standard pool, non-standard pool, jacuzzi and other dedicated integrated wall-mounted equipment.
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