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1. Brand and market reputation
Visitors choose the water park mostly according to the brand and market reputation. The famous brand and good market reputation generally represent advanced products, excellent service, safe equipment, and comfortable environment, so it is the primary factor in purchasing decision.
The water park enhances the market reputation and brand recognition mainly through three ways. First, the independent operation of the park usually depends on the scale and uniqueness to become the market leader; the second is to achieve brand expansion and promotion through high-quality corporate culture and standardized services. The third is to join the famous chain leisure vacation brands, such as the water park built in the brand hotel to enhance brand awareness. Guangzhou Changlong, Beijing's Happy Water Cube and other famous water parks are inseparable from the "brand and market reputation."

2. Unique entertainment experience
Visitors in the water park are looking for a fun, relaxing entertainment experience, a warm atmosphere for family gatherings, and the opportunity to pursue fun activities for the whole family on weekends or holidays. These appeals are mainly met through a variety of water park equipment and diverse family activities. In the early days of the development of water parks, market leaders mainly rely on scale to win, while creating a unique thematic environment. Buying water park equipment, but after the market has developed to a certain degree of maturity, it also needs to seek a unique competitive strategy outside the scale competition.
For example, the original new water park equipment and the music, lighting and audio and video that can bring unique feelings to visitors, the new product of the company, the colorful series, the main color, with pure white as the main color, with seven colors Rainbow, in addition to the color pollution of traditional products, makes visitors refreshed, will not bring aesthetic fatigue to tourists, and then with the ingenious shape and colorful functions, I believe that tourists will be happy, leaving a paragraph Beautiful and unforgettable memories!

3. The environment is clean and safe
Due to the special nature of the products, tourists have high requirements for the cleanliness, safety and comfort of the water environment. Especially for families with children, the safety requirements are the highest. Therefore, a successful water park will create a clean, comfortable and safe environment as a core competency.

4. Types and quality of supporting facilities and services
As discretionary time and disposable income increase, visitors will become less and less satisfied with a single approach to leisure and entertainment, and they will demand more and higher requirements for dining, sightseeing, shopping and other entertainment. Therefore, the type and quality of supporting facilities and services will play an increasingly important role in the attractiveness of water parks.

5. Convenience
When the number of water parks reaches a certain scale, competition will intensify. Except for a few industry leaders, most water parks will be difficult to become the main destinations for tourists. They will drive on holidays or visit famous tourist areas and resorts. A nearby water park. Therefore, the convenience of location will be the core factor for a considerable number of water parks to gain competitive advantage in the future, and metropolitan areas or famous scenic spots and resorts will be the first choice for water parks that are difficult to become major destinations.

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