New construction of water park equipment purchase suggestions


With the continuous development of the national economy, people's lives are constantly improving, and entertainment projects are becoming more and more popular. These have further promoted the development of the water park industry and attracted many investors to invest in water park projects. If a worker wants to do something good, he must first sharpen his tools. The newly built water park should be done well, and it is inseparable from the purchase of good water equipment. When building a new water park and adding or updating water park equipment, you should select different types of equipment according to the regional functions of the water park, service target positioning, visitor flow and consumption capacity, etc., and also pay attention to the selection of high quality and safety performance. Guaranteed water park equipment. Guangzhou Longmatic has the following suggestions when purchasing a new water park to purchase water park equipment.

First, attention should be paid to the details

When choosing a device, you should consider the type that visitors like, and prefer equipment that is more interesting, comfortable, and safe. In recent years, with the development of the market, new interactive water park equipment has emerged in the market. When selecting equipment products, we must also follow the trend of market development and select these new products. In addition, equipment purchase considerations should be considered for different age groups. For example, teenagers like thrilling equipment, children are in the imitation stage, prefer to participate in interactive equipment, when choosing equipment, should avoid repeatedly selecting the same type of equipment, but to meet the needs of different age groups as much as possible. Reasonable layout of the equipment.

Second, the quality of control

Many manufacturers have different materials and materials, so the quality of the equipment is also different. Choosing a better water park equipment is of great significance for future maintenance and safety management. Therefore, when selecting equipment procurement, the purchasing personnel should have a preliminary understanding of the manufacturer's products, and constantly improve their understanding of the products in the later use process. Under normal circumstances, the selection of newly developed new equipment has mature technology and reasonable use of the test process. The parks used should be fully prepared, and technically communicate with the equipment manufacturers and provide reasonable suggestions and opinions to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Use and safety performance and improvement of various technical indicators.
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Third, inspect the manufacturers in the early stage

At present, there are many domestic water park equipment manufacturers, and the level difference is also large. Even the same type of equipment, the structural characteristics are not the same. Therefore, when selecting a water amusement facility, you should go to the manufacturing unit for field visits. First, go to the site in person, and have a preliminary understanding of the manufacturing site, scale, production process, and production equipment. Second, it is necessary to understand that the manufacturing unit has obtained the scope of the national manufacturing license and avoid purchasing equipment that exceeds the scope of qualification. Otherwise, the equipment cannot be put on time. Operation, it may also lead to greater economic losses; Third, consider the input cost, while trying to buy products with relatively mature products and good quality reputation, avoiding unstable or frequent damage after the use of the investment, resulting in more maintenance, Maintenance costs.

Fourth, attach importance to equipment maintenance and operation management

For the operators of water parks, the purchase of water park equipment is only the first step in the operation of the water park. It also requires the on-site installation guidance and commissioning of professionals. There are regular inspections of after-sales service personnel throughout the operation of the water park. The park's hydro power safety, product maintenance, water quality maintenance), so as to better extend the life of the product. In selecting a manufacturer, we must choose a manufacturer with a perfect after-sales service system. After the water park equipment is put into operation, it must be regularly inspected and maintained according to the requirements of the manufacturer. Generally speaking, the structure of small and medium-sized equipment is relatively simple and the maintenance requirements are relatively low. The structure of the super-large amusement equipment is relatively complicated, and the operational requirements and maintenance requirements are relatively high. If the operation and management maintenance is not in place, it is prone to failure and can not be used normally

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