• How to make more profit from the water park?
    How to make more profit from the water park?
    on 2020-01-16

    1. Professional planning Professional planning is the basis for maximizing the benefits. The excellent indoor children's constant temperature water park is basically half successful. The indoor constant temperature water park can be operated all year round. Therefore, operators should pay more attention to time and efficiency. This time of the season makes the constant temperature water park full of crowds in the face of winter, which further establishes the connection between the constant temperature water park and the tourists, and makes the tourists think of the fun, happiness, and relaxation when they think of the constant temperature water park Words, so that operators get greater profits. 2.Storylike packaging The indoor water park also attracts tourists with a certain story. Packing the story into the water park's landscape and facilities, using continuous changing scenes to interpret the dreamy experience, forming a story product, making each corner a story, Let children make better use of their imagination! 3. Transformation of business model Simply put, it is the use of a flexible ticket system. For different times (holidays), different types of people use different fares and use bundled ticket sales. Use the flexibility of fares to stimulate consumer motivation. 4. Create a comfortable atmosphere The water park atmosphere is especially important for indoor water parks. Children like to go to lively places. If there is no one in the indoor water park, the children will not be interested in the water park. If the tourists let the children of relatives and friends come, so that more children are playing, it will naturally attract more Many children come to play. 5. Launch various creative activities The water park can launch different activities according to different times, such as Halloween. With the membership system, parents can register for Halloween activities and let parents and children play together. This will not only increase new visitors to the water park, but also increase parents and The intimacy of children makes parents and children happy. 6. The importance of water quality Water quality is very important for the operation of the water park. It determines whether visitors come again. If the water quality is too high, aggregates will appear on the pool wall and make children feel uncomfortable when playing. This item involves the reputation of the park and the responsibility to the tourists. Once it is not done well, the above matters can be perfected, and it is difficult to restore the return rate of tourists. According to incomplete statistics, the domestic constant temperature water park is at an accelerated development stage and will continue to grow for a period of time. The number of currently established and under construction constant temperature water parks in China is far more than other types of parks. In addition to marketing operations, we will improve our visitor conference On the other hand, it is also necess...

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  • Safety requirements for the use and management of large-scale amusement facilities (一)
    Safety requirements for the use and management of large-scale amusement facilities (一)
    on 2019-12-01

    Safety requirements for the use and management of large-scale amusement facilities (1) 6.1 The main responsibility of the using (operating and using) unit 6.1.1 Definition of the use (operational use) unit Large-scale amusement facility users use large-scale amusement facilities as business tools. The definition of their use units is defined in the "Supervision Regulations for Large-scale Amusement Facilities Safety Supervision": they refer to the daily operation and management of large-scale amusement facilities, and they should go to the quality and technical supervision department Use registered enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households. Where large-scale amusement facilities are used for leasing, during the leasing period, the leasing unit is the consuming unit; if otherwise provided by law or as stipulated in the contract of the parties, such stipulation or agreement shall prevail. 6.1.2 Basic requirements Large-scale amusement facility operation and use units shall abide by the Special Equipment Safety Law and other relevant laws and regulations and safety technical specifications, establish, improve and conscientiously implement various safety responsibility systems to ensure the safe operation and use of large-scale amusement facilities. 6.1.3 The main obligations of the operating unit: (1) Establish and effectively implement safety management systems and safety operating procedures; (2) Large-scale amusement facilities that have been licensed for production and purchase (including manufacturing, installation, renovation, repair, and the like below) and have passed the inspection are not allowed to purchase large-scale amusement facilities that exceed the designed service life. It is forbidden to use the state-designated elimination and Scrapped large-scale amusement facilities; (3) Set up special equipment safety management agencies (more than 10 equipment), equip corresponding safety management personnel and operators, establish personnel management accounts, carry out safety technology training and education, and ensure that they have mastered the operation skills of large-scale amusement facilities and prevent accidents. Knowledge, enhance security awareness, and maintain personnel training records; (4) To handle the registration of use, obtain the "Special Equipment Use Registration Certificate", and return the use registration certificate when the equipment is cancelled; (5) Establish a large-scale amusement facility ledger and technical files; (6) The operation and use unit shall be equipped with a licensed operator who meets the requirements for safe operation in accordance with the requirements of safety technical specifications and operation and maintenance instructions, and shall strengthen the pre-job training and education of service personnel to enable them to master basic emergency skills and assist operators Emergency treatment. The operation of special equipment operators shall be inspected to timely co...

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  • Longmatic Spiral slide
    Longmatic Spiral slide
    on 2019-10-15

    The spiral slide is one of the earliest developed and commonly used water park slides. Our research on the combination of spiral slides, trajectory design, entertainment experience and safety performance is very mature and in-depth. Whether it's indoor or outdoor spiral slides, exciting or gentle, physical or drifting, closed or open, we can always design and manufacture products that satisfy you. We can even build on the mountains or combine with other large water park equipment. The height of the spiral slide can range from a few meters to tens of meters, meeting the needs of children, adults, double rafts, four-person rafts and six-person rafts. The spiral slide is also the most popular and classic entertainment facility in the water park. Almost all water parks have a combination of spiral slides. Product Features: 1. The starting platform can be several meters to more than ten meters. The width of the commonly used slides is 1.0 meters, which can be combined. 2. the slider body is made of high-performance FRP composite material, hand-bonded, toughness and hardness is very strong, safe and durable. 3. The surface layer of the slider is made of meta-phenyl rubber coating, which has the characteristics of high mechanical strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, etc. It has the characteristics of smooth, smooth, anti-ultraviolet and anti-fading. 4. have unique customer experience, let the play have to repeat it. 5. The combination is varied and can be applied to different terrain and site conditions. 6. suitable for tourists of all ages. 7. can provide a variety of color choices and combinations.

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  • How to design the water park to make it more attractive?
    How to design the water park to make it more attractive?
    on 2019-09-05

    The theme park developed to nowdays, more and more subject appeared. From theme positioning to scale form, The park become more and more mature. How to arrange the general plane of the park, grasp the spatial layout of the park, and bring the theme of the park to a charming image when presented to tourists? Create space with the theme The spatial layout of the theme park must have a global perspective. It can predict the physical form and spatial form of the paradise environment. It should consider its functional, economic and artistic factors, and cooperate with the various factors in the overall planning of the park to form an organic whole. To make the space environment of the park fully serve the theme. For example, planning a rustic theme park and planning an amusement park full of fantasy and enthusiasm, the theme is very different, so its layout is also different, must create a different environment, to meet the functional requirements within the scope of the economy. Another example is the Shenzhen Happy Valley, which focuses on the different theme atmosphere of each theme area, using terrain, plants and buildings, roads, etc, to create the environment and separate spaces. For example, the gold mine town area is characterized by the madness of the gold digger, the Hurricane Bay area is a disaster, the Shangri-La forest area is original, wild, mysterious and beautiful, and the Sunshine Coast area is a relaxed tropical beach. Each theme area is a small park. They are separated and connected. Each scenic area echoes each other and combines them to show the participation, enjoyment, entertainment and fun characteristics of Happy Valley to tourists. The theme is in line with the psychology of play A theme park must have a number of different theme areas for the amusement equipment. Each area has different playing items, so tourists quantities is also different. The amusement project covers a large area and a small area, so it should follow these characteristics. To arrange the layout. An important point in the layout principle is to distribute the flow of people and ensure that management is in place. In addition, we must fully consider the needs of the tourists' psychology. At the same time, we must pay attention to the combination of the dynamic zone and the static zone, and the distinction between adults and children. From another point of view, when the theme park establishes the project type, content and style of the theme area, it is necessary to consider the planning of the theme areas and the transition and separation between them, so as to truly create a beautiful and natural Environment, to achieve a reasonable layout. Disneyland is roughly composed of seven thematic areas (the main US block, New Orleans Square, the home of all things, the wilderness area, the Happy Park, the Mickey Fairy City, the future world). Visitors can choose one according to their own interests. From the general plan of Disneyland in Los Angeles, we can see t...

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  • What is the key to developing new amusement equipment?
    What is the key to developing new amusement equipment?
    on 2019-08-22

    With the development of science, technology is changing with each passing day, the amusement equipment industry is constantly updated, new amusement equipment has emerged, and the continuous development of amusement equipment manufacturers has also been promoted. So what should we pay attention to during development? Manufacturer qualification First of all, Longmai believes that choosing the right entertainment equipment manufacturer is the most important. Because regular manufacturers have national certification, the quality of the materials they produce is guaranteed. If the manufacturer does not have the production qualification and there is no corresponding certification procedure, then the amusement equipment purchased by the customer is a product without an "identity card". We are all people with "identity" and can't bear to let the equipment turn into black household items! Device appearance People are visual animals, it is difficult to reject beautiful things, beautiful appearance, colorful lights and wonderful music. They are all attractive elements, make people feel bright, surprise customers and achieve unforgettable results. This requires designers to create a unique look with their brains. Super qulity The quality of the equipment must be good. If the equipment fails during transportation, it will affect the customer's mood and reduce their enthusiasm. You will think that your device is not safe. Customers must be able to use your product with confidence, provided that the quality of your product meets the standards. The most important thing is to regularly inspect and repair the equipment, troubleshoot, find problems before operation, solve problems, and provide a good experience for customers. Product detailed information The equipment must be a fresh, bright, smooth glass fiber reinforced plastic product. Special paints can achieve significant results. If the surface of the paint is very dark and the work is rough, the paint will fade quickly. Choose cheap paint, the color is not good, it is easy to be affected by the weather, humidity, etc., and cut corners, it will inevitably be questioned by customers, lose confidence in the product, and then slowly lose customers.

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  • Market appeal of the water park industry
    Market appeal of the water park industry
    on 2019-08-15

    1. Brand and market reputation Visitors choose the water park mostly according to the brand and market reputation. The famous brand and good market reputation generally represent advanced products, excellent service, safe equipment, and comfortable environment, so it is the primary factor in purchasing decision. The water park enhances the market reputation and brand recognition mainly through three ways. First, the independent operation of the park usually depends on the scale and uniqueness to become the market leader; the second is to achieve brand expansion and promotion through high-quality corporate culture and standardized services. The third is to join the famous chain leisure vacation brands, such as the water park built in the brand hotel to enhance brand awareness. Guangzhou Changlong, Beijing's Happy Water Cube and other famous water parks are inseparable from the "brand and market reputation." 2. Unique entertainment experience Visitors in the water park are looking for a fun, relaxing entertainment experience, a warm atmosphere for family gatherings, and the opportunity to pursue fun activities for the whole family on weekends or holidays. These appeals are mainly met through a variety of water park equipment and diverse family activities. In the early days of the development of water parks, market leaders mainly rely on scale to win, while creating a unique thematic environment. Buying water park equipment, but after the market has developed to a certain degree of maturity, it also needs to seek a unique competitive strategy outside the scale competition. For example, the original new water park equipment and the music, lighting and audio and video that can bring unique feelings to visitors, the new product of the company, the colorful series, the main color, with pure white as the main color, with seven colors Rainbow, in addition to the color pollution of traditional products, makes visitors refreshed, will not bring aesthetic fatigue to tourists, and then with the ingenious shape and colorful functions, I believe that tourists will be happy, leaving a paragraph Beautiful and unforgettable memories! 3. The environment is clean and safe Due to the special nature of the products, tourists have high requirements for the cleanliness, safety and comfort of the water environment. Especially for families with children, the safety requirements are the highest. Therefore, a successful water park will create a clean, comfortable and safe environment as a core competency. 4. Types and quality of supporting facilities and services As discretionary time and disposable income increase, visitors will become less and less satisfied with a single approach to leisure and entertainment, and they will demand more and higher requirements for dining, sightseeing, shopping and other entertainment. Therefore, the type and quality of supporting facilities and services will play an increasingly important role in the attractiveness of water parks. 5. Conve...

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