• Kids water park trend
    Kids water park trend
    on July 31,2020.

    The current children's amusement industry is in full swing, but many operators still face many problems in the operation process, especially after many children's water park equipment has been in operation for a period of time, it is difficult to attract the interest of customers, which seriously affects the economic benefits of customers. Faced with such problems, how can industry operators improve economic efficiency and attract more customers? Nowadays, children’s water parks, especially indoor constant temperature water parks, are becoming more and more popular, and there are many market demands. However, many operators still face many problems in the operation process, especially when the children’s water parks have been in operation for a period of time, they have fallen into a bottleneck During the period, it is difficult to attract the interest of customers, which seriously affects the revenue of the children’s playground. Faced with such problems, how can operators in the water park industry improve economic efficiency and attract more customers? The following water park amusement equipment manufacturers will take everyone to discuss: 1. Grasp the market trend and clarify the needs of children for specific water amusement equipment through market research. Analyze the consumption demand of the city and surrounding areas of the current children's water park, draw the results and rules, summarize the characteristics of market demand, clarify the most popular indoor and outdoor children's park related places and equipment on the market, and summarize and analyze their own advantages and disadvantages Lay a solid foundation for the establishment and operation of children's water parks. 2. Good at combination innovation, breaking and then standing, innovating inherent gameplay and equipment In the children's amusement industry, especially in the specific means of experiential project innovation, combined innovation is a relatively low-cost and easy-to-implement method. This includes not only the internal combination of different amusement projects, but also the combination of water amusement projects and land amusement projects. Through integration, new leisure and entertainment experience products are formed. However, this combination requires not only novel, unfamiliar, and comfortable, but also reasonable functions and reasonable functional area configuration. 3. Adjust the environmental layout and improve the current environmental impact The environment atmosphere has an important influence on the attractiveness of children for children's water parks. From the current point of view, the current environment layout can be changed from two aspects: The first is to change the decoration environment, starting with environmental factors such as lighting, stickers, murals, floor glue, etc., to build a children's favorite space, so that children have an immersive feeling during the game. The second is to improve the service space, such as the sof...

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  • How to operate children's playgrounds after coronavirus?
    How to operate children's playgrounds after coronavirus?
    on 2020-03-23

    The Covid has brought unprecedented impact to amusement industries such as indoor children's water parks, and the subsequent impact is expected to last for six months or more. The coronavirus has not only brought problems to the operation of the park, but also brought more unknowns to the future market confidence. According to the regulations of the state and relevant departments, most of the parks are resuming operation step by step. There is no doubt that the amusement industry is now entering the era of low profit, and at this time, the refined operation and marketing of the park are particularly important. So, how to operate children's playgrounds after coronavirus? Do a fact-finding survey Many theme park surveys often stop on a feasibility report before investment and park opening. Annual market surveys are either not available or are based on data provided by the ticketing system. Most parks do not have such a smart data analysis system as Disney, so the data of these ticketing systems is not to say that it is useless, but more to stay on pure admissions, gender, and city source. For the overall market's basic views on children's parks However, content such as demand form, basic view is relatively lacking. There are also some parks that always start from the park standard and do not respect the changes in the market very well. At this time, it is necessary to have real market research. The research objectives at this stage should be defined in understanding the media used at home during the coronavirus, the  tourism needs after coronavirus, consumer attitudes and plans, changes and views on kids parks ’concerns, future park activities, and interest in equipment. Provide clearer suggestions for park operation and marketing after the park is opened. The content of the survey is mainly to clarify the habits, needs, mentality and plans of tourists, such as the APP used during the home period, the media concerned, the plan of travel after the lifting of the ban, the radius of travel, disinfection safety of the park, and crowd management Worrying about the interest in new products and equipment, festivals, etc., behind each issue will affect the marketing decisions of the park: dissemination of content, purchase channels, media dissemination, rhythm dissemination, and so on. Form of survey: The post-coronavirus survey has clear goals and clear content-focusing on the needs and mentality of tourists, and the following methods are recommended in the form: sample questionnaire surveys, focus group interviews, Whatsapp private letter inquiry, The data, materials, and market conclusions obtained through analysis are the conclusions that are most likely to be close to the truth of the market. The psychological impact of this coronavirus is consistent across the country, but some places are more serious, and some cases have only occurred in two or three cases. The specific recreational needs will still be different due to this. Appropriately reduc...

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  • Impact of Coronavirus in Amusement Enterprises
    Impact of Coronavirus in Amusement Enterprises
    on 2020-03-09

    During the special period when the coronavirus pneumonia raging, the entire Chinese cultural tourism industry was basically in a state of stagnation. Whether it is domestic paradise practitioners, amusement equipment suppliers or supporting facilities service providers, all are waiting for the end of the epidemic. Waiting for a turn in the crisis, waiting for the recovery of the industry. In fact, not only domestic cultural and travel enterprises, The whole world amusement companies are always paying attention to the epidemic situation of new crown pneumonia. For them, China is a very important market, and they also hope that the epidemic will end soon and everything will return to normal. A few days ago, several amusement companies, what impact this epidemic has on them, and what countermeasures they have, let ’s take a look at them together: Belgium Alterface (play equipment supplier) The epidemic is devastating. Some of our engineers can only stay in Europe because the original Chinese project was postponed. We feel that 2020 will be worse than 2019 ... We hope that all the bad ones hurry up and Alterface misses China! Germany Simtec Systems (amusement equipment supplier) The coronavirus currently has little impact on Simtec's domestic sales, but many of our maintenance teams are stranded in their hometowns, which will undoubtedly have some impact. However, most of the owners have also ceased business, so far, the impact of the virus on Simtec's business has not been significant. This year, the two projects we served for Sunac were originally planned to open at the end of April and the end of June respectively. In addition, Henghaihuadao had equipment originally planned to be installed from April to May. These projects are expected to be delayed due to the epidemic. Simtec also feels very sorry for this. After the epidemic is over, we will strive to complete these projects as soon as possible, and strive to "take back" the lost time. Wiegrand Waterslide (water park supplier) The biggest impact of the coronavirus was to delay the project, because Wiegrand originally planned to install a second rotating slide in China this year (Note: The first one was installed at Guangzhou Changlong Water Park); in addition, Wiegrand also took over Xiangyang Overseas Chinese Town project this year, but Xiangyang is relatively close to Wuhan, the project should be postponed for a long time. From the current situation, Wiegrand can only temporarily focus on projects in other countries. In addition, we still have a lot of related projects onboard the cruise ship, and these projects have tight schedules. Therefore, although the domestic virus has affected Wiegrand, it is not too big. Netherlands Unlimited Leisure The coronavirus situation is an irresistible factor, and enterprises may face this situation. From 1995 to the present, after two global financial crises, Unlimited Leisure has survived the difficulties steadily. Our current business is not only in Asia. ...

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  • How to design children's playground in residential area?
    How to design children's playground in residential area?
    on 2020-02-22

    The residential community environment is a relatively independent enclosed space for urban space, which requires that in a limited space, we need to meet all age people's activity needs and aesthetic requirements. As a special group, children have higher requirements for the living environment of the community, and they need to comprehensively consider the safety, learning, entertainment, interaction, fun, and exploration of the environment. Current status of children's activity venues in residential communities Single facility Children's playgrounds in residential areas are uniform for children's amusement facilities. In order to save construction costs and reduce the difficulty of on-site construction, most children's playgrounds in residential areas simply place some finished slides. This kind of factory intensive production of finished children In addition to the differences in color, shape, and texture of the amusement facilities, the functions are almost the same. It is difficult to stimulate children's enthusiasm for outdoor activities and improve children's cognitive ability. Lack of multi-age considerations Children's cognitive structure also shows different cognitive experience needs of different ages. For example, children 0 to 2 years old have a certain understanding of simple patterns and colors, and children 2 to 7 years old can play collectively. Children aged 7 to 12 need more challenging rides. Our current residential area for children's activities can only meet the cognitive needs of children at a certain stage, and cannot meet the experience needs of children at different cognitive stages during their growth. Community view scene construction First of all, there must be certain fluctuations in the spatial dimension, that is, the richness of the vertical space is shaped to provide more possibilities for children's outdoor activities, such as: micro-terrain play areas, continuous undulating terrain can give children a rich spatial experience . Second, the change of the time dimension is naturally a teacher for children's growth, making full use of the combination of natural elements and artificial environment. For example, the planting area is reasonably matched with plants and ornamental flower and fruit plants, so that children can recognize the habits and characteristics of different plants in the natural environment and sense the changes of the four seasons. Finally, the construction of plots for children's landscape places. The introduction of the concept of plots in the design of children's landscape places is conducive to the vividness and creativity of children's play environments. For example, some fantasy theme parks in Disneyland combine fairy tales with children's activity venues to create a strong sensory and amusement experience that greatly stimulates children's cognition and imagination. Break through the limits of rides Breaking the traditional and single setting of amusement facilities, children's amusement faci...

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  • How to make more profit from the water park?
    How to make more profit from the water park?
    on 2020-01-16

    1. Professional planning Professional planning is the basis for maximizing the benefits. The excellent indoor children's constant temperature water park is basically half successful. The indoor constant temperature water park can be operated all year round. Therefore, operators should pay more attention to time and efficiency. This time of the season makes the constant temperature water park full of crowds in the face of winter, which further establishes the connection between the constant temperature water park and the tourists, and makes the tourists think of the fun, happiness, and relaxation when they think of the constant temperature water park Words, so that operators get greater profits. 2.Storylike packaging The indoor water park also attracts tourists with a certain story. Packing the story into the water park's landscape and facilities, using continuous changing scenes to interpret the dreamy experience, forming a story product, making each corner a story, Let children make better use of their imagination! 3. Transformation of business model Simply put, it is the use of a flexible ticket system. For different times (holidays), different types of people use different fares and use bundled ticket sales. Use the flexibility of fares to stimulate consumer motivation. 4. Create a comfortable atmosphere The water park atmosphere is especially important for indoor water parks. Children like to go to lively places. If there is no one in the indoor water park, the children will not be interested in the water park. If the tourists let the children of relatives and friends come, so that more children are playing, it will naturally attract more Many children come to play. 5. Launch various creative activities The water park can launch different activities according to different times, such as Halloween. With the membership system, parents can register for Halloween activities and let parents and children play together. This will not only increase new visitors to the water park, but also increase parents and The intimacy of children makes parents and children happy. 6. The importance of water quality Water quality is very important for the operation of the water park. It determines whether visitors come again. If the water quality is too high, aggregates will appear on the pool wall and make children feel uncomfortable when playing. This item involves the reputation of the park and the responsibility to the tourists. Once it is not done well, the above matters can be perfected, and it is difficult to restore the return rate of tourists. According to incomplete statistics, the domestic constant temperature water park is at an accelerated development stage and will continue to grow for a period of time. The number of currently established and under construction constant temperature water parks in China is far more than other types of parks. In addition to marketing operations, we will improve our visitor conference On the other hand, it is also necess...

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  • Safety requirements for the use and management of large-scale amusement facilities (一)
    Safety requirements for the use and management of large-scale amusement facilities (一)
    on 2019-12-01

    Safety requirements for the use and management of large-scale amusement facilities (1) 6.1 The main responsibility of the using (operating and using) unit 6.1.1 Definition of the use (operational use) unit Large-scale amusement facility users use large-scale amusement facilities as business tools. The definition of their use units is defined in the "Supervision Regulations for Large-scale Amusement Facilities Safety Supervision": they refer to the daily operation and management of large-scale amusement facilities, and they should go to the quality and technical supervision department Use registered enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households. Where large-scale amusement facilities are used for leasing, during the leasing period, the leasing unit is the consuming unit; if otherwise provided by law or as stipulated in the contract of the parties, such stipulation or agreement shall prevail. 6.1.2 Basic requirements Large-scale amusement facility operation and use units shall abide by the Special Equipment Safety Law and other relevant laws and regulations and safety technical specifications, establish, improve and conscientiously implement various safety responsibility systems to ensure the safe operation and use of large-scale amusement facilities. 6.1.3 The main obligations of the operating unit: (1) Establish and effectively implement safety management systems and safety operating procedures; (2) Large-scale amusement facilities that have been licensed for production and purchase (including manufacturing, installation, renovation, repair, and the like below) and have passed the inspection are not allowed to purchase large-scale amusement facilities that exceed the designed service life. It is forbidden to use the state-designated elimination and Scrapped large-scale amusement facilities; (3) Set up special equipment safety management agencies (more than 10 equipment), equip corresponding safety management personnel and operators, establish personnel management accounts, carry out safety technology training and education, and ensure that they have mastered the operation skills of large-scale amusement facilities and prevent accidents. Knowledge, enhance security awareness, and maintain personnel training records; (4) To handle the registration of use, obtain the "Special Equipment Use Registration Certificate", and return the use registration certificate when the equipment is cancelled; (5) Establish a large-scale amusement facility ledger and technical files; (6) The operation and use unit shall be equipped with a licensed operator who meets the requirements for safe operation in accordance with the requirements of safety technical specifications and operation and maintenance instructions, and shall strengthen the pre-job training and education of service personnel to enable them to master basic emergency skills and assist operators Emergency treatment. The operation of special equipment operators shall be inspected to timely co...

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