Swimming pool suction machine

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Product Details
Dolphin 3002 Swimming Pool Suction Machine
Cycle time: 4/6/8 hours
Cable: 30 meters
Anti-torsion device on the cable: prevent the cable from tangling
Filtering: 3 filtering options
Brushes-Composite Brushes: Match all pool terrain
Remote control: setting parameters and cleaning procedures
Weight: 12KG
Pollution absorption rate: 17 cubic meters / hour
Movement speed: 15 m / min
Cleaning rate: 225 square meters / hour
Motor voltage: 27VDC

Transformer-digital switch mode: output <30VDC; IP54; suction bag full and delayed start indicator

The dolphin suction machine is mainly divided into three parts: the host, the transformer, and the trolley (easy to carry), and its use is as follows:

1. keep the transformer away from standing water and use the original verified power supply-the factory provides wires for the 230V main power supply.
2. Put the suction machine into the water, swing the suction machine on both sides or dump it to release the trapped air and let it sink to the bottom of the pool slowly.
3. Connect the power supply and the transformer, press the transformer switch “NO” to start the suction machine, and the suction machine will run automatically.
4. press the switch "OFF" of the transformer to turn off the power, the suction machine stops running, or automatically stops the operation after the suction machine has run for a preset time, and the pneumatic switch needs to be restarted to continue running.
5. pull the suction machine to the pool, double-handed handles on both sides, lift the suction machine up.
6. Clean the suction bag of the suction machine: After each suction, it is better to remove the suction belt, clean it, and reuse it. Seven, clean the impeller. Rotate the impeller above the suction machine to remove debris.
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