The Longest water slide in the world: 610m!!


Have you experienced the longest water slide in the world? It lies in Traction Park, New Jersey, USA. Traction Park was founded in 1978, and it is one of the most dangerous water park in America. Many people who like adventure come to experience it.

This water slide total longth is about 610m, already won the Guinness ''longest slide in the world'' certification . It makes good use of the hill topography, Fastest speed will reach to 65KM/h, equals to a running car in highway. 

Do you doubt its safety? Don't need worry at all, it was tested more than 1000 times before putting into use. To avoid being scratch, the slide lanes were all made by PVC material which was used for trampoline. It was combined with 20 pcs smaller water slide which longth is 30m. Each slide body‘s weight is about 240KG. 

Experience whole slide just needs 1 minute, players will have the same feelings as playing roaller coaster, Usually when they cover back feelings, they aleady finished the jurney. But the exciting feelings will always exist in their heart.

So after hearing this water slide's introduction, do you have impulse to  try?

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