Turbo massage air pump

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Product Details
High negative pressure vortex air pump is a low-pressure high-flow product. It can be used as a general-purpose suction and suction dual-purpose air pump. The air pump is also commonly called a regenerative fan (REGENERATIVE BLOWER), a rotary fan (VORTEX BLOWER), and a side air duct in foreign countries. Fan (SIDE-CHANNEL BLOWER), these names are named according to its actual operating principle. The air pump is basically a combination of an impeller and a rotating shaft and operates at a high speed of 3600RPM. The outer ring of the impeller is composed of many radial blades. The outer ring is located between the front cover and the base. ). When the blade passes through the air inlet, this area sucks in the outside air or other gas due to the pressure drop. At the same time, the centrifugal force during rotation rotates the air forward and outward along the outer edge of the air duct, and finally returns to the base of the impeller. This action is repeated repeatedly, and a cyclone is generated. Each cycle will pressurize the gas until it is discharged from the outlet of the base.

Description of high negative pressure vortex air pump components:

Performance characteristics: dual-use blowing and suction, the fan has high pressure, large air volume, low noise, long life, wide frequency and pressure, applicable to all countries.

Motor: The fan features a wide-voltage dual-frequency motor with protection class IP55 (insulation class F) and has passed UL / CE / CCC certification. This makes it a universal solution. They can be used in Europe, America and Asia without any modification or testing.

Bearing: The fan is an original Nissan NSK bearing, which has high-speed and high-temperature resistance characteristics and adopts a sealed and dust-proof design to prevent dust from entering and eroding the bearing, extending the service life.

Impeller: The high-efficiency DIE-GAST impeller with a special improved design of the fan, supplemented by high-precision CNC machining to reduce the gap between the fan and the blower, is a powerful guarantee for the high pressure generated by the fan to ensure high efficiency and low energy consumption. When conditions change, the fan can still run safely.
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