Water park equipment's development and future


Water park equipment is divided into children's play equipment and adult play equipment. Under this large classification, there can be divided into large, medium and small equipment. So which one can become the main development direction of the water amusement equipment industry? We can explore in three aspects: industry direction, market needs and investment costs. Below are related forecasts for the future development of the large children's play equipment industry.

From the perspective of industry development, through years of research and production, the water park equipment has been continuously innovated in the style structure, and new products are emerging one after another. From the perspective of sales, children's play equipment is divided into large and small. Because of the low investment cost, small footprint, and more flexible operation, small amusement equipment sales better than large-scale amusement equipment.

From the analysis of market customer demand, the majority of consumers are children. Although the large-scale water park equipment is more exciting and fun, many children can't accept the height and running speed of large-scale amusement equipment; But small water park equipment can not bring excitement and fun to larger children, therefore big water park equipment just makes up for this shortcoming.

From the perspective of investment cost, the production cost of large-scale amusement equipment is relatively high, and occupies a big space, so the investment cost is naturally high; while the production cost of children's large water park equipment is moderate, the space is smaller, and the investment cost is not too high. whether in product investment or site rental investment, large-scale children's water park equipment is more suitable for the needs of the current industry development, and its market share and demand rate growth will become a new trend in the development of the water park equipment industry at this stage.

The design and development of the playground is based on the premise of creating a safe play environment. Throughout the design process, the elements and equipment need to undergo a rigorous evaluation to ensure the concept of “acceptable risk” rather than a completely risk-free concept. At the same time, around the perimeter of the playground, there are steps for the guardian or parent of the child to sit down.

What kind of entertainment activities do children choose in their discretionary time according to their own wishes? The answer is “playing”. In the process of playing, they will choose what to play, how to play and who to play with. There are multiple ways to play: purposeful play, purposeless play, free play, play with small partners, accept some challenges or some difficulties in customer service. When children are playing, they can explore the world and learn how to be responsible for the choices they make.

While playing, children can experience a sense of accomplishment, learn to respond appropriately emotionally, and improve their interpersonal skills. In the process of playing, there are exploration and creation everywhere, which helps to cultivate their more flexible thinking ability, shape their creative spirit, enhance their language ability and solve problems.

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