Water park night market operation


The points to be noted in the operation of the water park night market are: safety, smoothness, service, and reduction of complaints.

The lights in the night scene always have some dead ends or areas with bad sight. During operation, the safety hazards should be checked repeatedly. If necessary, some areas and equipment should be isolated or stopped. For areas and equipment that are not open, they must be on the campus gate and website. Publicity to avoid complaints from tourists.

There are two time points in the water park night market, which are the blocking points for tourists to enter and exit. First, there are a large number of tourists queuing who hold night tickets. At this time, the sun is still hot. If there is no shade, the experience of the visitors in the waiting area is poor; in operation, it is necessary to flexibly grasp the opening hours of nights according to the gathering situation of tourists, and reduce the congestion of ticket gates. Another blocking point is that at the end of the night, a large number of tourists will infiltrate into the shower area and refund the deposit. At this time, the park needs to send additional staff to guide and handle. At the same time, improve the hand card return method on the hardware and software to let the tourists enjoy Faster service.

At the beginning of the performance of the water park night wave pool, some amusement equipment will be closed in advance for safety reasons. At this time, the park should arrange staff in advance according to the queue of tourists to remind visitors not to line up, so that the queued tourists can experience it. Avoid blunt shutdowns and equipment to cause complaints from tourists.

Due to the relatively chaotic at night scenes, tourists often lose contact with each other. In this case, the park should set up a contact area for lost persons in a conspicuous position. At the same time, increase the number of people in the park to find people.

During the night, the tourists drove away and all the exits of the parking lot were open. At the same time, employees were sent to conduct traffic diversion. It is better not to charge based time but to base the numbers of times of entry to avoid the traffic jam caused by the charge.

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