Water Park Aqua Spray Equipment

Today, water park is the best option to add value to owners' properties and theme park,hotels, public parks or resorts with acceptable cost. 

Water parks have grown in popularity since their introduction in the late 1940s and early 1950s. According to the economic development, Recreational activities and places are increasingly needed by people, and water parks have emerged as one of the most popular leisure and entertainment methods. 

Then, what equipment are the most popular device for water parks? 

1 Colorful rainbow racing slide                                                                                                             

fiberglass water racing slide


2 Beautiful water castle for adults and kids with water spray 

and fiberglass emboss.

water park water caster con-structure

3 Wave pool, to have fun with friends,enjoy the wave and beach without 

going to the real sea. 

           4 Can a scale water park without tornado slide? No!! It is a symbol slide. Very 

               popular among young people.

super tornado slide

Suggestions about water park management--to investors:

1 Advertising.
Advertising is the first step in the operation of the park and is crucial. Each park will do a publicity plan, invest a certain amount of advertising fees, promote through newspapers, social software, TV media, electronic advertising... etc., to enhance the visibility of the park.

2 Promotion
At the beginning of the opening, holidays, etc., through certain discounts and promotions, can attract a certain popularity to the park. But be careful.

3 VIP cards, monthly or annual cards, etc.
Not only can it attract people, but it can also win more repeat customers for the park.

4 Services.
Good service can enhance the reputation and popularity of the park, bring customers a pleasant feeling, make them come again.

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