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Product Details

 Wave ball,wave pool 

Product description

The wave ball is a new etertain equipment for swimming pool. It integrates entertainment,
rescue, and industrial use into one and is widely acclaimed worldwide.
It applies to new pools or existing pools, large water parks,hotels,schools,laborary, marina
worlds, recreation and health centers, and sea rescue training centers.
The ball is made of synthetic fiber material. It moves up and down in the water to produce
a gradual wave. The operation of the entire ball is controlled by a wireless remote control.
The wave size can be adjustable by visitors, and it is convenient, safe and reliable to use.
Statistics show that wave balls can also bring more business opportunities. Normally from
our experience, swimming pools equipped with Longmatic wave balls will attract 30% to
50% more visitors than simple pool.

We use Schneider electrical components from Germany,ensuring the reliability of electrical manchine daily working .

1. wide range of applications, which is suitable for smaller pool to 314 square meters pool
2. Energy-saving, the main power consumption is air comparessor whose nominal power is only
22KW,Traditional wave machine is over 45kw or more.
3. Assembly-easily, no need machine room.
4. Easy maintenance and low cost.
5. Low noise
6. It has a wide range of uses, including entertainment, strengthening physical training for
athletes, rescue training, water features, and industrial use.
7. Safety: This wave ball adopts the pure "pneumatic" principle and is superior to the
"electric" wave ball. It is safer and more reliable,only 24V DC voltage at ball part.
8. One of the biggest bright spots: This wave ball realizes the design of “wire” and “high
pressure air pipe” combined into one, which is a great innovation.

Why us?

-We have a strong professional engineers team with more than thirty engineers!

-Experienced construction team.

-Independent after-sales service department.

-Professional water handler system.

-Most advanced five-axis CNC technology production mode.

-With more than 500 project experiences all over the world, we can provide one-stop quality service to our customers.

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