What is the key to developing new amusement equipment?


With the development of science, technology is changing with each passing day, the amusement equipment industry is constantly updated, new amusement equipment has emerged, and the continuous development of amusement equipment manufacturers has also been promoted. So what should we pay attention to during development?

Manufacturer qualification

First of all, Longmai believes that choosing the right entertainment equipment manufacturer is the most important. Because regular manufacturers have national certification, the quality of the materials they produce is guaranteed. If the manufacturer does not have the production qualification and there is no corresponding certification procedure, then the amusement equipment purchased by the customer is a product without an "identity card". We are all people with "identity" and can't bear to let the equipment turn into black household items!

Device appearance

People are visual animals, it is difficult to reject beautiful things, beautiful appearance, colorful lights and wonderful music. They are all attractive elements, make people feel bright, surprise customers and achieve unforgettable results. This requires designers to create a unique look with their brains.

Super qulity

The quality of the equipment must be good. If the equipment fails during transportation, it will affect the customer's mood and reduce their enthusiasm. You will think that your device is not safe. Customers must be able to use your product with confidence, provided that the quality of your product meets the standards. The most important thing is to regularly inspect and repair the equipment, troubleshoot, find problems before operation, solve problems, and provide a good experience for customers.

Product detailed information

The equipment must be a fresh, bright, smooth glass fiber reinforced plastic product. Special paints can achieve significant results. If the surface of the paint is very dark and the work is rough, the paint will fade quickly. Choose cheap paint, the color is not good, it is easy to be affected by the weather, humidity, etc., and cut corners, it will inevitably be questioned by customers, lose confidence in the product, and then slowly lose customers.

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